It all started when...

Hélène was born in Guinea in 1980, the second child of a prominent government leader and Diplomat father and a gynecologist mother, who afforded their 4 children the opportunity of travel and encouraged cultural explorations.  This early exposure to various cultures and people ignited Hélène’s curiosity and passion for humanity.  She simply loves people. There is little you should know about her except for the fact that her life experiences made her an empathy and empowerment catalyst in people’s lives is something she has identified with ever since she was a child.   That is her gift. Some people are really good at dancing, others at great at cooking. Hélène is great at creating connections, getting people to talk, empowering and developing them to embrace their unique expression.  

While she was working at Donna Karan, later at Oscar de La Renta and Gap Inc, coworkers of different backgrounds would come to her for advice, which would lead to new revelations or discoveries of personal passions they'd given up on, up until now.  She decided to take matters into her own hands and invited these women to brunch. That Sunday, 14 women arrived. And it has all gone uphill from there.  LU-LU The Conversation Series, was created only as a natural consequence of these interactions.  Many of these women have now become successful entrepreneurs or have been promoted to higher paying positions in their industry.

Hélène’s mission is to empower anyone she comes in contact with and develop women to “design lives, businesses they LOVE that speaks to their authentic self-expression”.  Her motto is “do more of what you love and share it with others”.

Combining her love for helping others with practical advice and spiritual principles, she believes in putting the power of success into the hands of every woman with extraordinary dreams.  She credits her success to her unwavering will, a deep desire to serve others, and an unwavering belief in her gift and dreams. 

Hélène earned a Bachelors of Science in Business Administration from Pace University.   She received her Integrative Coach training from the highly acclaimed Ford Institute.  She is a student of Oneness University, a spiritual school in India, for the transformation of human consciousness. The school brings together a grand unification of the Power of Source with the Power of One Consciousness.  Seekers take an inward journey from living in ‘i-consciousness’ to ‘one consciousness’, a practice she implements in her coaching, meditations, workshops and retreats for clients to see the true value of being connected not only to themselves, but to their communities at large.  

Hélène is a native of Guinea, Conakry – and has called New York City home since 1997.